Born to disrupt the traditional lending experience

BHG Financial set out to eliminate the challenges of the lending process.

In 2001, the medical finance space was primed for disruption.

The traditional lending process wasn't working for medical professionals who needed larger loan amounts and faster approvals than typical lenders could provide.

So BHG Financial set out to create the most innovative commercial working capital solution on the market—dramatically reducing the time needed to structure, price, and underwrite an unsecured loan.

Powered by technology and our deep understanding of credit, we built a frictionless experience that was fast, hassle-free, and customized for each borrower.

Leveraging our high-performing loans, we capitalized on a second key opportunity. We created a state-of-the-art loan delivery platform where we could package and sell our high-quality assets to community banks—thus establishing BHG Financial as a trusted partner for financial institutions across the country.

Nearly 20 years later, we're firing on all cylinders

BHG Financial's cross-selling strategy results in booming growth.

We have proprietary risk and acquisition models, built by our team of expert data scientists, that allow us to serve professionals across all industries.

We’ve also partnered with the most influential medical and professional groups, equipment suppliers, and associations—further establishing our leading position in financial services.

And we’re leveraging cutting-edge technology to further monetize our core competencies into innovative product adjacencies:

  • Unsecured personal and startup loans
  • SBA 7(a) loans, as one of 14 non-bank SBA lenders
  • Point-of-sale financing, with a focus on patient lending
  • Business and consumer credit cards
  • Risk management and compliance services for financial institutions

Looking inward, BHG Financial continues to be recognized regionally and nationally as a Great Place to Work® and has experienced tremendous growth, nearly doubling in size during the pandemic.

As we look to the future, innovation remains our top priority—and we’re running at full speed toward new opportunities.

BHG Financial's cross-selling strategy results in booming growth
The Future of BHG Financial

Pushing the limits of innovation.

At BHG Financial, we refuse to be satisfied with the status quo—and we don't let past achievements distract us from future opportunities. Here's what's on our horizon:

  • Launching an online consumer loan platform to bring digital lending to community banks and credit unions
  • Expanding our point-of-sale finance offering to merchants in the home improvement and retail spaces, among others
  • Introducing new features on our patient lending platform to boost the overall patient experience and each healthcare provider’s bottom line
  • Bringing digital banking, including checking and deposit accounts, to BHG Financial borrowers
  • Enhancing our credit card program with new features and digital capabilities to ensure we're top-of-wallet

At BHG Financial, we're constantly motivated to launch new solutions to help our clients succeed.

As we look to the future, we'll never stop asking: How can we help you next?

Pushing the limits of innovation
Driving excellence from within.

Cohesive leadership with a proven performance history and a culture of innovation.

BHG Financial owes its history of success to its people: the driving force that consistently pushes us in new and innovative directions.

Our leadership plays a key role in our expansion into new markets for revenue growth and in creating an environment that fuels collaboration and execution at every level of the organization.

Chairman of the Board

Al Crawford

Chairman/CEO & Co-Founder

Chief of Staff

April Brissette

Chief of Staff

Board of Directors

Eric Castro
Co-Founder, BHG
Harold Carpenter
Chief Financial Officer, Pinnacle Bank
Hugh Queener
Chief Administrative Officer, Pinnacle Bank
Jim Crawford
Board Member

Executive Leadership

Tyler Crawford
Chief Operating Officer
Juan Carlos Ortigosa
Chief Revenue Officer
Dan McSherry
Chief Financial Officer
Edmund Durant
Chief Credit Officer
Zach Raus
President of Lending Division
Meghan Crawford-Hamlin
President of Institutional Relationships
Katie Barnes, PHR
Chief Human Resources Officer
Thomas Davis
Chief Placements Officer
Mark Schmidt
CEO of FundEx Solutions Group
Danielle Walker
Senior Vice President of Revenue Operations
Brittany George
Vice President of Funding
Matt Ondus
Chief Compliance Officer
Jerry Bartlett
Chief Technology Officer