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November 19, 2021

Put Your Inventory to Work This Holiday Shopping Season

Inventory to Work

This holiday shopping season may throw some curveballs, but with a bit of planning, you and your staff can be ready for anything. With stores restocking to pre-pandemic levels, there’s a supply chain crunch, so these are suggestions to help you do your best with what inventory you already have on hand.  


Stock the Gift of Gift Cards 

They often go overlooked, but gift cards are some of the best tools in your box. They’re an excellent way to create new customer relationships when loyal customers share their love for your store. Plus, most people spend more than the value of their card or certificate, so it’s almost always a great way to generate revenue. If you can’t get access quickly to actual cards, you can easily print certificates.


Master the Art of the Upsell

Whether you’re in food service or retail sales, coaching your staff to upsell is essential. Teach them to avoid yes or no questions and invite specific answers. This will draw customers’ attention to items and drive their ticket numbers up. Staff members familiar with the inventory or menu can easily make suggestions, so it’s a good idea to keep everyone up to date.

Inventory to work

All Eyes on Checkout

Another easy move is to organize items at checkout to catch shoppers’ eyes as they’re completing their purchases. Pay attention to your customers’ shopping habits and stock products they need but often don’t think about. A clothing boutique could stock lip balm or jewelry. Keep small items that customers frequently ask for at checkout or inexpensive candy and magazines for impulse buyers.


Motivate Your Staff   

Get your staff on board with a little motivation. Giving them a stake in the work makes it easier to be successful. Offer rewards for sales numbers. You could even set up a friendly competition for daily or weekly sales totals. When your whole team is focused on one goal, you’re unbeatable.

Inventory to work

A little thoughtful creativity can increase your average ticket size and also provide a better customer experience. When you make a person’s holiday brighter, they’ll remember your business long after the season is over. And that’s one of the keys to the longevity of your business.